Kalino LLC is a Native Hawaiian Owned (NHO) health care company providing staffing and other affiliated services to health care organizations requiring provider, technical or support staff to fulfill their mission. The company also has extensive experience in program administration, clinical computing and informatics, telemedicine, and medical research and development for both primary and allied health care industries. 

  • Health care provider staffing (primarily physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant) 
  • Clinical and technical Information Technology support for Electronic Health Records, Telehealth 
  • Program Management and staffing for administrative, technical, facility, and logistics including audiovisual, and video-teleconference 
  • Research and development in biotechnology and life sciences 
  • Medical coding 
  • Medical peer review, risk management

Where to Find Us:

Kalino LLC
1329 Lusitana St
Suite 407
Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: 808.294.6934 or 888.455.7427 ext. 101

Fax:  888.455.6034



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